Gardening and landscaping 

In the gar­den­ing and land­scap­ing sec­tor the name Lap­pen is syn­ony­mous with reli­a­bil­i­ty and a diverse assort­ment of plants. The tree nurs­ery rounds off its gar­den­ing and land­scap­ing prod­uct range with peren­ni­als, shrubs and hedg­ing plants. Lap­pen offers all ser­vices, includ­ing con­sult­ing, from the plan­ning stage right through to on-site real­i­sa­tion and even when plant­i­ng has been completed. 

The Cen­tral Park in Man­ches­ter and the green spaces at the West­min­ster Bridge Hotel in Lon­don are all adorned with trees from Lap­pen Nurseries.

Order pro­cess­ing is fre­quent­ly sim­pler and more cost-effec­tive when land­scape gar­den­ers obtain their orders from a sin­gle source. In most cas­es this offers organ­i­sa­tion­al ben­e­fits, for instance in terms of logis­tics. In this respect, Lap­pen offers gar­den­ing and land­scap­ing firms a detailed cost analy­sis and solu­tions for prac­ti­cal­ly every logis­ti­cal challenge.