Climate Trees

Climate change and the associated extreme weather conditions pose new challenges to gardening and landscaping as well as councils/communities, architects and private individuals.

Imposing and beautiful as they should be, plantation in the public and private sector need to take the high drought into consideration, so the care in times of high drought must be overcome. Due to this development, experimental plants have emerged. The aim is to define the so called “Climate Trees”. These are trees that are resistant to high temperatures and drought.

One of them is for example Celtis australis (Southern Hackberry Tree). Originally from southern Europe, this deciduous tree has a picturesque-spreading crown and is perfect as a street tree for the inner city area. Other trees that have proven to be climate tolerant are for example several species from the genus Acer (Maple), Sorbus aria (Whitebeam) and Alnus spaethii (Purple Alder) and various Tilia species.

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