Climate Trees

Cli­mate change and the asso­ci­at­ed extreme weath­er con­di­tions pose new chal­lenges to gar­den­ing and land­scap­ing as well as councils/communities, archi­tects and pri­vate individuals.

Impos­ing and beau­ti­ful as they should be, plan­ta­tion in the pub­lic and pri­vate sec­tor need to take the high drought into con­sid­er­a­tion, so the care in times of high drought must be over­come. Due to this devel­op­ment, exper­i­men­tal plants have emerged. The aim is to define the so called “Cli­mate Trees”. These are trees that are resis­tant to high tem­per­a­tures and drought.

One of them is for exam­ple Celtis aus­tralis (South­ern Hack­ber­ry Tree). Orig­i­nal­ly from south­ern Europe, this decid­u­ous tree has a pic­turesque-spread­ing crown and is per­fect as a street tree for the inner city area. Oth­er trees that have proven to be cli­mate tol­er­ant are for exam­ple sev­er­al species from the genus Acer (Maple), Sor­bus aria (White­beam) and Alnus spaethii (Pur­ple Alder) and var­i­ous Tilia species.

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