The Lappen tree nursery was established in the Lower Rhine region in 1894 and today numbers among the top 5 tree nurseries in Europe. Whether open green spaces, greened buildings in urban areas, botanical gardens, private gardens or magnificent avenues in Germany, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine or the Benelux countries – the trees that provide air, shade and tranquillity for people often originate from Lappen.

On 650 hectares of open land some 130 employees cultivate around 400,000 trees. Furthermore, hedges, shrubs, greenery and roses are also offered. Customers are therefore able to choose from up to 9,000 different high-quality plants: from avenue trees to solitary trees, from shrubs and hand-formed plants to small bushes or large imposing trees.

Regular selection, transplanting and pruning ensures that the shrubs are properly prepared for growing quickly and sustainably after transplanting them to their new location.

The Lappen tree nursery offers public sector customers, landscape architects, gardening and landscaping firms and ambitious private individuals a wide assortment of high-quality plants in traditional or more modern shapes – either trained to strict geometrical forms or individually grown into  a striking habitus. The tree nursery rounds off its assortment of plants with commercial goods that have been subjected to strict quality controls. The well-known strengths of Lappen play a significant role here: new trends and varieties, the logistics concept, the soil and the climate of the Lower Rhine region – as well as the resilience of the trees themselves.

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